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Unique Party Decoration

How can you make your party an event to remember? Besides spiking the punch, which can get you into trouble, think visually, think atmosphere. How do you create atmosphere? Well, I’m hear to help you spark that imagination with ideas and then create them for you.

Anything I have designed and built for the theater, I can do for a party event, at a smaller, or even bigger scale. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. I can maximize whatever budget there is to give you the greatest “WOW” reaction from your guests.

Begin with a theme. It could be around a holiday (Halloween, Winter Wonderland, etc.), a remote place (jungle, Paris, New York, down on the farm), event (Oscars, Broadway, Super Bowl, horse race), or genre (movies, TV, ’70s disco, circus). We can then talk about what that means to you and what it makes you think of. Then I can share ideas on how to bring it to life.

Think different. Look beyond the box. You party doesn’t have to be in a room with four walls. Create new walls made of different materials. Depending on your theme, many different things can change the feel of a space.

White ornate sleigh made out of a box

Paint your colors with light. Decoration with lighting can set a mood and the light can change automatically and subtly to make things vibrant and moving. Even adding a haze effect to the air will not only change it to a mystical or even spooky atmosphere, it enhances the lighting effects to create beams of color.

Music and thematic sound effects can help create the exact atmosphere you want. I can even create a customized soundtrack for your event, either live or recorded in the studio.

Be unique. Create something original that you won’t find at the party store. I can create set pieces around your party theme. It doesn’t have to be large things, they can be table decorations to drive a conversation or even interactive with the activity of the party, clues in a Mystery perhaps….

The imagination knows no bounds. It doesn’t take a lot of money, it just takes an idea. I am here to help you make yours.

Eric Everett smiling playing guitar in gazebo

About Eric Everett

My focus is on bringing joy to others and devising innovative ways for people to engage by combining classic fun they know with a new twist!