Presenting a NEW kind of trivia game show ….. with a twist! Which is CUSTOM-WRITTEN questions for you! Combine a mix of MUSIC, INTERACTIVE CONTESTS, and fake money to bet on the answers to just about anything.
It all starts with a game called “Triple $ Trivia!” in which teams compete in a game that is like a cross between Jeopardy and Name That Tune. Questions can be customized for a guest of honor (see below), company products, event theme, age group, story, etc. Teams bet on their answers with Zowie Bucks.
There are optional interactive mini-competitions between teams during the game to get people moving as well. I can send details on the many types available and talk with you about what may be best suited for your group.
The game lasts about 90 minutes with a 10 minute intermission or it can be a customized length. It includes a 60″ or 120” screen & projector for game play images and sound system with music to keep up a fun pace, and of course your host & MC, me 🙂
OR, YOU CAN BE the GAME SHOW HOST! I can send you a kit with all you need to host the game for your event including any phone / email support if you should want it. It still includes the possibility to have the game custom-written for your group!

Custom Variations:

A great variation for events with a guest(s) of honor is making the questions and images all about their life or the times they lived in! I call it “This Is Your Trivial Life!” The ultimate way to poke fun at someone for their birthday, wedding or company event without the long-winded speeches.
It’s also a great way to create a launch for a company product or service. I can custom-write product details into questions so that it makes this into a fun, participatory event! You can have it designed for training your employees on new skills or sharing information of all kinds. I would be glad to send you reviews from past events, pricing, and look forward to customizing this game for you!