videoYou can have a video created to document the preparation leading up to a big event, like a wedding, performance, product launch or presentation. All kinds of interviews with the people that are part of the creative and / or dramatic process make everyone feel involved. You can even show it at the event!

For instance, a “family album” of pictures and videos to highlight their lives. If it is a wedding, you have two whole families to bring together with highlights of interviews with members of each.

Making a Music Video is fun for all ages, from birthdays to Bachelor(ette) parties. Even as a surprise gift for someone!

A “behind the scenes” look at the experiences of all kinds leading up to a dramatic stage production or movie is always popular. It makes the final show even more memorable when you see what it took to get there!

What kind of work went into making a product? From idea to design to manufacture, there are many people involved and each has a story to tell. You can hear them tell it while watching them in action.

Let’s TALK about a unique take on your story!