We Love Your Songs!

We very much enjoyed having you play at Alyssa’s party! You are great with the kids, getting them going, etc. Plus we love your songs! It was extra special that we already knew the songs from the CD. When you were getting ready for them to jump the river and sing the Vine-to-Vine song, I saw Alyssa so excited standing in front of you with her hands kind of clasped, sort of jumping with excitement!

It was very special for both of my kids and they have talked about it since. We were very pleased to give the CD’s out as the party favors! My kids have really got a lot out of the songs (through repeated listening) about the environmental/animal issues. Hopefully, the songs will sink-in to a few of the 14 other kids who were there!

Good luck with all your plans for the cause! I have to tell you, the weekend following Alyssa’s party we made a trip to New Paltz, NY. I think all the way up and all the way back we listened to Animal Party!