The Mini-Movie is the Icing on the Birthday Cake

When Max came up with a Clone Wars theme for his party, I could find plates and cups easily enough but got stuck at the party entertainment itself for ages. When I saw Eric’s website, I knew we had our little problem solved.

It’s been great – Eric was very “can do,” flexible enough to take on board our “movie plot” and made the actual running of the party itself incredibly smooth as well. We actually had reinforcements to help organize the predicted chaos at the party, but very happily, we were all totally redundant and we got to sit back and enjoy watching it all play out instead!

Of course, the mini-movie itself is the icing on the birthday cake, so to speak – it makes for fun watching now but I have this feeling that years from now we’ll be going back to it for our laughs too! We’ve had so many compliments on such a different party we’re thinking ahead already, so see you next year, Eric!