Eric Made Everyone feel Welcome and Relaxed

Eric was the DJ for a wedding I attended. I watched Eric masterfully work a crowd of difficult people. Some of the people in the crowd despised each other, some had strong beliefs against dancing or other traditional wedding reception activities that they viewed as secular and inappropriate, some wanted to just have a good time, others simply wanted to survive the event.

I watched Eric set up, secretly holding my breath knowing how badly this could end up going for him. By the end of the night I was astounded. Eric seamlessly and intuitively attended to everyone’s needs. He got people moving and involved in a way that did not offend the others, he adapted to some surprises and practical jokes from the attendees, and he made everyone feel welcome and relaxed.

Eric exceeded my hopes and expectations. He read the crowd brilliantly and adapted to a complicated situation creating a seamless and memorable experience for the bride and groom. I highly recommend Eric Everett.