Singing-Delivery-featuredThe possibilities are endless for how to send someone something special to let them know you are thinking about them, to poke fun, or in celebration of a great moment in life! I am glad to help deliver this message with a song, flowers, a gift or simply a fun practical joke to always look back on in fond memory.

Not only can I show up and sing a song with or without my guitar, I can do it as a zany character, even in costume! There’s no limits to the imagination (though I may have some myself) :) Superheroes, Swashbucklers, Silly Characters, you name it.

Beyond just the song, there is the combination of adding an improvised skit to entertain as a practical joke. I can act and be dressed as someone of any profession. Allow me to create a simple story to present as a joke they are involved in or merely an entertaining presentation. I can organize others to be a part of it as well. It is the art or organized improvisation and it is all in good fun. Call today to help me create fun with you for someone special.