What is the fastest way for people to get bored at an event? When someone is speaking and they can’t hear them. What’s the most essential thing at a party (besides the guests)? Music! In almost every event and party, you need a quality sound system. You hire a DJ to bring such a system and you also rely on them to be the ones controlling the sound and what music is being played. If the DJ respects their host, that is going to only be music you want to hear at a volume that you want to dance to. They would also know to adjust this for other parts of the event.

You would also want someone to oversee a sound system when it is crucial that it is working well throughout a presentation. They would make sure the microphones are the right kind and the speakers are set correctly so there is no feedback – that awful sound when things are NOT set right – which can drive people running from the room holding their ears. So a good system and person to control it are a darn good idea.

These things I can provide, but I also offer the ability for you to have a special recording made for your party or presentation that I can create in my studio. It could be a particular mix of background music or edited version that might go along with a specific dance you would like performed. It can even be a recording of dialogue or even a song. I can even record it any location you need it to be done in. It can even be used as a soundtrack to a video you would like made.

By remembering the important ingredient of sound when preparing for an event, adding in lighting and decorations, you have the makings of a good time had by all.