In almost every event and party, you need a quality sound system. What is the fastest way to bore people at an event? When someone is speaking and they can’t hear them. What’s the most essential thing at a party (besides the guests)? Music!

You hire a DJ to bring such a system and control the sound and music variety. An experienced and respectful DJ will only play music you want to hear at a volume that you want to dance to. They would also know to adjust this for other parts of the event.

Meanwhile, someone must oversee that a sound system is working well throughout a presentation. They should make sure the microphones and speakers are set correctly so there is no feedback (that awful sound when things are NOT set right).

Fortunately I can provide a good system and control it properly!

I also offer the option to create and play a custom recording at your party or presentation.  Potential options include a mix of background music or edited version that might correspond with a dance you would like performed. You can choose a recording of dialogue, a song (perhaps used as a soundtrack to a video you would like made), in any location!

By remembering the essential ingredient of sound when preparing for an event, you have the foundation for a good time had by all.