For an entertaining event or successful meeting, you need a quality sound system and someone who knows how to control it well for the moment at hand. What is the fastest way to bore people to sleep? When someone is speaking and they can’t hear them.  OR worse, if there are irritating problems with the sound, it is a memorably negative experience.

There are many variables that affect the sound besides the equipment. People using microphones need to be shown what is the best way to use them, but their style of speech will still vary greatly and need to be monitored.  What type of microphone to use for different circumstances as well as where it is positioned relative to the speakers is also important.  Venues also sound differently depending on many variables from the hard or soft surfaces to the shape of the room.  They can’t usually be adjusted easily, but position of the sound system can help.

I offer the option to create a custom recording at your event or presentation. Potential options include a mix of background music or edited version that might correspond with a dance you would like performed. You can choose a recording of dialogue, or mixed with a song. Video editing is also available to complete the picture.

By remembering the essential ingredient of sound when preparing for an event, you have the foundation for a good time had by all.