jane eyre set-440x360Sometimes it helps to create a setting for an event by adding an element that all by itself is entertaining or really conveys a message. If it’s a Halloween party, what’s better than a haunted house with a coffin? If it’s a promotional product launch party and the product is 6 inches tall, why to make it 6 FEET tall. If you’re theme is a beach party in Antarctica, how about some palm trees and a few icebergs to serve drinks out of? The possibilities are endless.

I had no idea when I was a kid that the act of decorating my room with a space theme was the first steps on a wider world. There were stars, spaceships battling and even a huge rocket I could climb into with switches and even an accelerator and speedometer! That spaceship went over 100 mph and never left my room.

I still make spaceships, and castles, temples, jungles and many other places that are realistic or fantasy or both. I have done this on the theatre stage and for video since I was 12 and now for many years I have taught others how to as well. I would be glad to get you and a group of your friends involved as well in the fun of creating a party theme to remember and even live in for a while if you want! It’s like making that float for the Homecoming parade, but easier and much more interesting.

There are many types of shows and many kinds of sets. Some sets are mobile and move between locations to be set up quickly for multiple events. I even built a stage set that fit in airplane luggage and travelled overseas to a theatre festival. Other sets can move, be ridden on or in. Combine this with the elements of light, sound and other decoration and anything is possible.

Not your boring Business Display

Sets can be thematic and fun, like this football field I created for a launch party for Heiniken. They can be something more than a flat display, they can frame what was a boring Powerpoint presentation to make it reflect an overall theme. What’s better to make an annual meeting noteworthy than 3-dimensional representations of what’s been achieved this  year? You don’t want to just talk about it or see pictures, you want to walk around it or IN it. A message has more impact when it reaches more of our senses.

Contact me to talk about what the event that your dreaming up and I bet we can make it real.