Group Dancing is Dangerous

In a time when the need for wearing masks and social distancing makes group dancing dangerous, especially for the the medically fragile and older guests at your event, there are great alternatives for safer wedding entertainment. You can still have the traditional first dance of course and lots of your favorite DJ music, even performed on guitar, but here are some ideas to make your wedding reception entertainment unique, memorable, full of laughter and even custom-written for you. All have been adapted to keep interaction as safe as possible in a group setting. There are even kits to host the fun yourself and save money for the honeymoon!

Wedding Intrigue with a Mystereee Game!

Watch this VIDEO for an overview from your host. Guests form teams (usually at their tables) and each represents a character in a mystery story in which one suspect is guilty of a crime! An audio / visual presentation follows the story read by the host along with thematic music. During the game, each team gets written clues and plays DETECTIVE to question other players.  Excitement builds to the conclusion where either the guilty ones make an ESCAPE or they are ARRESTED by the ones who figure out WHODUNNIT!  There’s also small SCENES to read for all and “ham it up!” as your character. Guests can even dress in fashions from the time period of the Mystereee. You can have the story customized to include family names and info, or even change the place, time and add other story ideas.

Triple $ Trivia Game Show! 

In this game, teams bet on questions up on the big screen to win fake $ and compete with each other in music and trivia contests. There’s even game buzzers and other challenging activities to add to the fun. There are many variations to fit your group and venue. You can also customize the contests and questions to include fun facts about family and friends and of course, the newlyweds. The team with the most $ left at the end wins the prize for the Bride & Groom!

More Ideas for Safer Wedding Entertainment:

There are many great games to play and many can be combined in a contest or theme, but here are a few favorites:

  • Theater Improvisation Games for the creative folks that love to make it us as they go.
  • The Eternal Flame Game which is another version of The Dating Game for more hilarious looks at married life.  The Shoe Game is another favorite for the Bride & Groom.
  • Videos of family home movies or custom creations of all kinds, even your own Music Videos!
  • Decorative Lighting enhances your venue atmosphere for any activity or just to enjoy in itself.

We would be glad to send you more info on any of these ideas. Call today to talk about the many possibilities for fun. There’s also a VIDEO overview. We want to give you a memorable wedding reception that helps provide safer wedding entertainment for your family.