Calling all “actors” to the party please!

I will use my 20+ years of teaching Drama to provide guidance as director & cameraman. All guests will be included in the mini-movie with parts and the guest of honor can be the star! You can choose your own story idea and even create a script, but improvisation is the key to the fun! The camera captures it all to become a wonderful tale through the magic of editing. A movie copy makes a great party gift. CONTACT ME to share movie party examples with you. The story possibilities are endless and could also include Talent Shows, Commercials, and even a… MUSIC VIDEO! (music video blog post) You pick the song and I will help plan how you want it to look in the final edited version. Even act out the story in the song! You and your friends will be singing and dancing like the stars you are! No matter what your age, if you wanna be in pictures, we can make your movie!

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