What could be more fun than solving a mystery? Dressing up and being PART of one! Become a character IN a mystery game – you can even host it yourself! It can be custom-written with your ideas or choose from an intriguing list of plots for your Mystereee!

There is also a video of How To Play which is included if you purchase a Mystereee Kit to host yourself.


There are updated versions of the game to allow for no contact and social distancing and still create interactive fun for any number of players. Contact us for details.

The Game Begins….

…with a dramatic introduction to the story by the host. You are given clues from which to figure out WHO did the crime, HOW they did it and WHY! The culprit is among you so watch out for them trying to escape! Funny scenes are read, Detectives pose questions and fun music and images on a presentation screen all add to interactive experience. Click HERE for more info about how it works.

Any number of guest participants can be involved by creating character teams. This makes it a great activity for a corporate Team Building event. You also get the chance to act out short scenes to read from pivotal points in the Mysteries. All Mystereee’s can be written with non-violent themes as well. Contact us for info on all the fun options, stories and pricing.

MYSTERY by MAIL or E-mail

Save money with a KIT to host yourself. You still have the option to have your own custom-written mystery too!  CONTACT me to request info on how to do so.


The race is on! Individual or team characters must follow the trail of clues through the house, neighborhood or city to solve the mystery. There are also kits to host yourself and save moneyFind out more about  SCAVENGER HUNTS  or I can send you info.


Become wrapped up in the espionage story with spies and double agents out to achieve their own sneaky objectives. Everyone’s on a mission, but who will succeed first? There’s no end to the twists and turns as the plot unfolds.