Mystery Game

Unleash the Mystery. Create Unforgettable Moments with Mystereee!

Are you tired of the same old events? Ready to add a dash of mystery, suspense, and interactive fun to your gatherings? Look no further!

Whether it’s an intimate house party, nonprofit fundraiser, or a grand corporate event, Mystereee seamlessly fits any venue, providing an immersive experience for all.

What could be more fun than solving a mystery game? Dressing up for one! Become a character in the mystery story. You can even host it yourself! It can be custom written with your ideas, or choose from an intriguing list of Mystereee plots for Adults (pdf) and Mystereee plots for Kids (pdf) they can do with adults. Check out these Testimonials!

Below is a video overview of How To Play and the other an example of a story presentation that is included with my live hosting and as a video included with some Mystereee Kits you can host yourself.

Free event consulting included with all entertainment bookings.

The Game Begins…

…with a dramatic introduction to the story by the host. Guests represent characters in the story and are actively INVOLVED since one of them (who doesn’t know it yet) is guilty of a crime! During the game they receive written clues and play DETECTIVE to question other guests. Excitement builds to the conclusion where either the guilty ones make an ESCAPE or they are ARRESTED by the ones who figure out WHODUNNIT! There’s even a chance for guests to ACT like their characters in small scenes.

The game lasts 60-90 minutes and has AV presentation and thematic music that goes along with the game as well as costume props, two decorative lights, and a body dummy (if requested, I don’t want to scare anyone)!

Watch the first video above or learn more about how to play the mystery game.

Any number of players can be involved by creating character teams. This makes it a great activity for a corporate Team Building event. All Mystereees can be custom-written with non-violent themes as well.

Mystereee by Mail

Save money with a MYSTEREEE KIT to host yourself that can also be a custom-written story. It includes ready-to-play game materials, Host instructions, and the How To Play video to show your guest players before the game. You also get phone and email support before the event if you have any questions.

Mystery Game Variations

In addition to live group events, there are Virtual / Remote versions, interactive fun for any number of players. Fully scripted Mystereees to act out, full story Videos, and Radio Plays are also available. Contact Eric for details about these and customizing for your event.