My Mystery Party is called a Mystereee! The fun is different than other mysteries you may have been to since it can be custom-written for you! It can even be one with non-violent, problem-solving, supernatural themes or ghost stories!

Depending on the focus of the party, the mystery can adapt to many different settings and age groups. It can be for a cocktail or dinner party at a house or restaurant or a larger event venue for a bigger group or corporate function. It works great as a Team-Building event also!

mystery game

The Mystery game works like this:

1) The party host informs me how many guests will be participating in the game and any special information about the group, their company or the venue to include for fun.

2) A mystery involving all of them is created or adapted from a mystery already written.

3) The game begins at the party (or previously if character info is sent with party invitations) with the host informing guests of the details of the recent crime.

4)  Throughout the event, guests (characters) are given clues which they exchange while asking questions like a detective. There are short scenes from key parts of the story to act out for fun too.

5)  Watch out for the poisonous clues! Make your accusations, resolve the mystery to find out which character is the EVIL-DOER and arrest them (or try to escape if it is you) before the other team does to win the game!

A Mystereee is best for 5 to 8 characters, but you can also create team play where many people work together as one character. This allows for many more participants, but best limited to under 200.

mystery party

I can host the Mystery for you or you can have the fun of  hosting it yourself with all the game elements and phone / email support to help you want it.

Combine a Mystereee with other entertainment as well including DJ, Karaoke, games of all kinds and any other fun you can find on this site. Add to the atmosphere with colorful lighting and decoration, even fog! Oooo scary!