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Make Your Own Awards Night

So you didn’t get invited to the Oscars. Again. Not even the Grammys or the Emmys or the Obies or the Tonys. Who is this Tony guy anyway and what makes him so special? Nothin’! In fact, forget all those fuddy-duddies and their tuxy-sparkling-gown ways.

You can start YOUR OWN AWARDS! Name them after your pet even! (I named my company Zowie after the family cat). You don’t need a reason for the awards, but I can offer MANY ideas and help you brainstorm if you like. It’s honestly best to have a planning get together just to come up with ideas that make everyone laugh. Here’s some general guidelines:

  1. Don’t take it seriously. There’s enough competition and stress in life without one more thing.
  2. Funny is good. To this end, striving to come up with being the funniest, is a great motivator and worthy of competition, just don’t go bananas.
  3. No expensive or super-desirable awards. Greed will ruin us all.
  4. Poking fun at something everyone knows and is also snubbed out of, like the Oscars, is great fun.
  5. Don’t take it seriously. Seriously.

Ideas to goof with:

FASHION SHOW – Worst dressed and many goofy categories, lifetime achievement awards, and a runway of course.

VIDEO AWARDS – Create a theme for silly videos for all your friends to create. If guests can create a clip and get it to me, I can make you a DVD to show of various dramatic scenes at the party. If they need help or silly idea, send me around to film it or send them some scripts. All must be kept secret until party night for the big premiere!

DANCING WITH THE STAR….WARS – It can go both ways. It can be everyone bringing their silliest dance to a certain song and having their moment in the spotlight to show it off and everyone joins in, or get some serious couples out there showing some crazy NEW moves. Or BOTH!

Let the imagination flow! I can provide the music, sound system, red carpet, fun lighting, decorations, and even that giant statue of what’s-his-name… oh, yeah, OSCAR….but make him a Grouch!

Eric Everett smiling playing guitar in gazebo

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My focus is on bringing joy to others and devising innovative ways for people to engage by combining classic fun they know with a new twist!