What could be more fun than solving a mystery? Being PART of one! The fun of a Mystereee Game is that you get to BE the characters in the story and solve it as the clues are discovered!

The guests at your party will become the characters in the mystery game story that is revealed. You must solve it before the game ends or the culprit will get away!

Mysteries can be custom-written for your party and can be as spooky as you like. They are designed for specific themes, locations and age groups and there are non-violent stories as well. Or choose from a list of fun kids mysteries already written.

Find out more about how the Mystereee works or CONTACT us for more details.

Info about Mysteries for an ADULT age group.

*** COVID UPDATE:  I am glad to share ideas to help with making adjustments for social distancing. There are many ways to gather, be safe, and have fun!


Save $$$ by hosting it yourself.  CONTACT me to request info on how to do so. Pricing starts at $45 for the E-mailed Mystereee Kit.


It’s like a scavenger hunt for spies with fun activities surrounding each clue in the puzzle and a secret code that must be unlocked! There are many different stories including a Spy Training Academy! Do you have the skills to be a superhero or spy and help save us from evil? I hope so!

The format is adjusted for the location and event and depending on the age group which can range from 8 to adult for Mysteries and 5 and up for Spy Parties.


They can also be custom-written just for you with all kinds of stories. You can do them in your home, at school or just about anywhere! When you have a lot of players, you get to make teams for even more fun! READ more about it and I would be glad to send you more details!