Scavenger Hunt Kits for Kids

The Zowie Scavenger Hunt Kit is a great activity for everyone to enjoy some interactive fun indoors or out! These games are oriented to the age group participating and have a variety of themes and stories to choose from. Complete kits are available to play at your convenience, or we can host and guide scavenger hunts at your events by appointment!

Scavenger Hunt Kits for Kids come in five story options. Choose which one best suits your event, or have one custom-written.

Some of the available options include:

  • The Missing Spy (ages 9-12)
  • Spy Training Academy (ages 9-12)
  • Animals On The Move (from the Animal Party story/musical) (ages 7-10)
  • Danica’s Stolen Jewels (ages 7-9)
  • On the Trail of the Dinosaur (ages 4-6)

Each Scavenger Hunt Kit is designed to last for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. If you have a larger group (more than 8-10 players), additional kits will help split kids into smaller groups so that they can become more directly engaged in the activity. 

Furthermore, kits include instructions for preparation, play, and the story that sets up the adventure and items for kids to find. Envelopes that contain clues, coded messages with their keys, and possible tasks to perform are also included.

An adult guide’s supervision is recommended to oversee the kids’ progress since they may need help performing or judging the challenges that may go with the clues.

I would also be glad to host a Zowie Scavenger Hunt for you and can send you a quote for that as well as the pricing for the Kit. Additionally, kids may also enjoy a Mystery Party

New stories are added often, so contact me for the latest info!