Games & Improv

Everyone likes Games for a variety of events from a Trivia Game Show to a Scavenger Hunt. Contact Eric for more info about them all.

GAME SHOWS! Be a contestant on one like your favorites with individuals or teams competing over Trivia, Music, or interactive challenges! The “Triple Money Trivia Game Show” has teams competing for fake money over questions that can be custom-written for your group or guest of honor.

GOT TALENT? Let’s make an idol out of everyone and compete with mock judges to keep the laughs rolling along. Guests can even prepare weeks ahead with great anticipation for your event!

GREAT RACES can be created just for your event, whether it’s a Scavenger Hunt across any city or a backyard Obstacle Course. With my zany ideas and your spirit, we can create an event like none other!

THEATER IMPROVISATION games are much more than pantomime! There are endless styles of interactive games to have fun with. As your acting teacher / coach, I will lead you through the hilarious activities.