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Event and Stage Lighting

It’s easy to see (by not seeing) how important lighting is to an event. There is the obvious need to have things bright enough to see, dance lighting, but the quality of the light is often overlooked. Lighting sets the tone for what kind of event it is going to be. Certain warm-toned lights are appealing and most often cool florescent light (especially if it is flickering) is not.

Controlling the amount, quality, and color of the light is not easy. It is best to have an expert create the mood that you want people to have at your party with the lighting. The lighting ideas I use for stage productions to create mood, I also use for events.

Lighting technology is currently in a huge transition from traditional lighting methods and the newer LED lighting that has made its way into so many products. Larger events that require a lot of light still rely on stage lighting to wash a stage with large amount of light, but in most cases now, LED lighting can be used for most events where it can be used for a variety of purposes from dance lighting to colorful uplighting to light walls and highlights of a rooms features.

It can also be used to light tables and even a small stage area or altar in a church. Best of all, it uses very little energy by comparison to traditional lighting methods. It emits very little heat so you cannot get burned by touching a light and those that is lighting up don’t get hot either. This allows them to be placed in more out of the way places with less cables in the way.

I would be glad to demonstrate what a difference lighting can make for your event. Look around you to observe how lighting is affecting your life and think about the possibilities available where you are having your event. You will be glad you did.

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