Guitar in hand, I headed out of my hometown of Milwaukee in 1985 to present my musical ideas to audiences around Europe and the US. I was challenged to define one category for my blend of rock, folk and funky-blues. However, I withstood the pressure to follow the trends and concentrated on my lyrical message.

I made friends with others from the same school of thought.  For instance, the Indigo Girls were very kind to share their stages with me.  From the clubs of Atlanta, the road led to a theatre degree in New York where I wrote, designed, produced and directed plays and rock musicals into videos while playing with the Eric Everett Band and performing solo-acoustic shows up & down the East Coast.

The release of Dreams To Be (1995) spread my music across college and internet radio and the songs placed high in national contests. In 1999 I released Animal Party (under the alias of “Triple E”), a collection of Earth-rock-for-kids.  With this I rode a wave of recognition from the New York Times.  Other media companies showed interest in the Animal Party TV show as well.

Now based in Asheville, NC, I continue to record music while entertaining in many other formats via Zowie Entertainment. I hope to create fun with you soon!


To watch videos, hear songs, read lyrics and find out about the other plays and musicals I’ve written, please visit: