A Variety of Entertainment Kits

Mystery GamesTrivia Game Shows and  Scavenger Hunts are all available as Zowie Entertainment Kits.  You can play them at home, a party or anywhere you want to have fun!  You can be a Detective in a Mystereee and act out dramatic scenes.  Get ready for Game Show excitement when you win or lose your Zowie Bucks!  Race against others as you follow a trail on a Scavenger Hunt.  Any of these Kits can be played with a few people or a few hundred!

Customize Your Kit

All the activities and stories can be customized for you as well.  You can choose your own character names, places and just about anything else for a Mystery Kit.  Make your Trivia Game Kit questions about a particular topic or guest of honor.  You can have your Scavenger Hunt can take place anywhere in the world, even virtually.  We create a story, but it can follow your ideas!

*** While staying home due to COVID-19, E-mailed Mystery Kits are FREE to all healthcare workers.  Contact us for details.  Thank you for helping us all!

Scavenger Hunt items

What’s In Your Kit

There are a variety of unique activities to either challenge your brain, or just let it flow with the fun.  Depending on the game, you can have a small group of individual players or a bigger group interacting in a variety of team competitions.  Kits include instructions to play and host and all the game materials.  They can be emailed for you to print out the game components and instructions. You can also choose to have your Kit sent or sent through postal mail to include all the game components and everything ready to play.

Trivia Game Show Zowie bucks

We Can Host Your Game Too

These interactive game kits are an affordable alternative to having them hosted for you, but we would love to do so if you’d prefer.  All Zowie Kits also include phone or email support should you have questions about the game.  You can play games for adults, or kids aged 8 and older as well as ones for all ages to play together.  See what others thought of the games in Testimonials.

Click on the title links above for more details about the games. You can also Contact us to receive further info about the entertainment kits or hosting. We would be glad to talk with you about ideas for your event.  We can help you create a great event with all the fun from Zowie Entertainment!