When planning entertainment for an event, a common thought is to use an iPod.  Why hire a DJ instead?  Here are some considerations to guide your decision:

A good DJ will:

– Help you organize what you will need and consider details that might be missed.  For instance, what is your rain plan if anything is outdoors?

– Draw from experience from hundreds of events and be able to adapt to any venue or obstacle that occurs.

– Help you manage your timeline, support your ideas, and offer advice.

– Serve as the MC to make announcements, entrances and encourage the fun on the dance floor!

– Have a large and diverse amount of music to draw from so there is something for everyone.

– Utilize your input about what music you would like to have it since it is YOUR party!  They will organize that music so it flows well with the various parts of the event.

– Honor a “Do NOT” playlist and keep your guest requests politely reigned in. 

– If you choose to have dance lighting, they will operate that to highlight the music being played.

– Above all, a great DJ will be reliable, friendly, courteous to everyone and a cheerleader for your good times!

But if you still want to just play an iPod, here are some questions to ask:

– Do you have a sound system big enough for your crowd? If you rent one, what will it cost? Who is getting it, making sure you have power for it, setting it up, running it, taking it down after the event and returning it? If it breaks or doesn’t function right, will you have a back up system? 

– Who is going to run the iPod and choose the songs and playlists during the event? How will they know what to play? What will you do if a  song comes on that isn’t what you want to hear at that moment?  Do you really want silence and everyone leaving the dance floor while choosing a good replacement? What if there are requests from your family or guests? 

– Is the money saved and the extra time spent doing it all yourself, really worth the stress and hassle? Is the quality of your experience and that of your guests important enough to spend the money to let it be handled by a professional? 

Please feel free to call or reply and I am happy to share further thoughts about it all. I know you will get a wide range of prices from entertainment companies and my advice is to:

 1) Look to their testimonials. 

 2) Do they do this professionally or as a hobby on the weekends? 

 3) Don’t spend too much or too little. At least look to the middle of the field of professional entertainers. In general, you get what you pay for, but you can spend more than you may need. 

 4) Ask whether whom you are speaking with will also operate as the DJ or are they representing someone else? Will there be proper communication?