Sometimes, putting on an event is like directing a show. I have directed many plays and musicals and a party is much the same, no matter the scale. There are many nervous performers, technicians and an enthusiastic audience gathered together for a few hours of entertainment. To understand how all those elements mix together best takes experience. Here’ a little background on how I can help you put on a good show.

It feels like I have been on a stage my whole life. Although I did act, I was drawn more to the technical side of putting on the show in the beginning. I was lucky to get to learn the tools of the trade starting at one of the top high school theaters in the country. It made Broadway stages look small. I then switched back to the front side of the stage in college for a theater degree at a great conservatory school for the arts, the State University of New York at Purchase.

The proximity to New York City and the work there helped me hone my skills as a writer / director. While running the Purchase Experimental Theatre and managing another theater, I learned the great art of juggling people, equipment, calendars and egos, thus becoming a producer. In the years to follow I would continue to perform on all manner of stages working on shows for both Broadway and Off-Broadway, and Off Off, all the way to the school stage.

I long ago stopped keeping a list of all the shows I’ve been involved in because it doesn’t matter if you’ve heard of it, every event is a show. If it means something to someone for it all to go well, then it’s important to me to help make it go well. The wide range of experiences contributes to my versatility in coordinating events. I’ve created many plays and musicals, many of which I also turned the performances into feature-length videos. It’s all about putting people in the right frame, fully understanding their role as well as being in the right place at the correct time.

Please contact me for more info on any aspect of my experience and how I can help you put on the event that is YOUR show. You are really the director, I am the assistant that helps you achieve your vision.