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Event Consulting

Saved The Day

Eric E. came last night, saved the day, was utterly competent, charged me a very reasonable fee, and it all went well. Thanks VERY much for the brilliant idea. Take care.

Jody V. Principal, Waterside School, Stamford, CT

Eric’s Even Temperament Is An Outstanding Quality

Eric’s even temperament is an outstanding quality. When the times of our dramatic life are most stressful, he remains calm and professional with his responsibilities.

Cary F. Drama Dept Head, Rye Country Day School

Team Building

With DJ E3 Our Team is ‘Partay Tough’

Our employee team building event at the Dolce in CT, was by far the most memorable and fun, especially because of your spirit to keep us dancing and singing all night long! Ford is 'built tough,’ and with DJ E3 our team is ‘partay tough.’

Claudette C., Ford Motor Company Dolce, CT

Recording and Composition

Thank You for Your Contribution to the Katrina Benefit

You did such a great job. Thank you for your contribution to the Katrina Benefit CD.  I love it. Bring the Love.

Tia M. New York, NY

A Wonderful Way to Learn

When Eric Everett asked me to write a letter of reference for him I was thrilled, as this act allowed me to give a little back to a person who has given so much himself.

Eric is a grade A performer – not only is he a talented musician but, perhaps more importantly, he has the gift of performance. What I mean by this is his ability to read a crowd as he puts on a show so he can make any necessary adjustments needed to maximize the pleasure of the audience and the message that he conveys. I’m guessing that his unique gift is derived from the time he has spent as a teacher.

My own children absolutely adore his performance of Triple E. They know practically every word of his CD. He involves kids so they are having fun, but they are still listening. The message does not get lost. He offers a wonderful way to learn.

Ken L. Exec. Director Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI

We Love Your Songs!

We very much enjoyed having you play at Alyssa’s party! You are great with the kids, getting them going, etc. Plus we love your songs! It was extra special that we already knew the songs from the CD. When you were getting ready for them to jump the river and sing the Vine-to-Vine song, I saw Alyssa so excited standing in front of you with her hands kind of clasped, sort of jumping with excitement!

It was very special for both of my kids and they have talked about it since. We were very pleased to give the CD’s out as the party favors! My kids have really got a lot out of the songs (through repeated listening) about the environmental/animal issues. Hopefully, the songs will sink-in to a few of the 14 other kids who were there! Good luck with all your plans for the cause! I have to tell you, the weekend following Alyssa’s party we made a trip to New Paltz, NY. I think all the way up and all the way back we listened to Animal Party!

Janel G. New Canaan, CT

A Great Gift for Your Child

As the owner of a toy store I highly recommend this for kids of all ages. I have played Eric’s CD in my store and have gotten many great responses to it.

I have also had the pleasure of hearing Eric sing live and was very impressed as were the customers in my store. A great gift for your child or another.

Toy Store Owner Ridgefield, CT

It Reminded Me of the New School House Rock Sound.

Animal Party clearly demonstrates your commitment to creating interesting and educational content for children. In particular, your approach to music is fresh and clearly distinguishable from the vast canon of saccharine music for this age group. The music reminded us of children's media, and it reminded me of the new School House Rock sound.

Kurt M. Sesame Workshop (Sesame Street), New York, NY

Directing Acting And Public Speaking Coach

He Has Enormous Patience

He is very good working with students, as he has enormous patience for their non-expertise, and he allows them the opportunity to be creative within his already set definition.

Cary F. Drama Dept Head, Rye Country Day School, NY

Best Example Of His Genius:

I think this is the best example of his genius: his ability to add to the quality of any program with which he comes into contact, from a professional production in a New York City theater festival to a middle school production of Julius Caesar to the most basic skit that a handful of less than totally cooperative 8-year old boys and girls will put on for a camp talent night (with all of an hour to prepare).

Jonathan R. Principal, Buckley School, New York City


Mr. Everett is one of the most valuable multi-talented students in the history of our Drama Studies program: a director-playwright-producer-designer-technician, often simultaneously.

Julius N. Prof of Literature, State U of NY

Most Amazing About Eric is the Lack of Ego

Perhaps most amazing about Eric is the lack of ego and the lack of personal drama that he brings to his work. In a field rife with big personalities yearning for the recognition of center stage, Eric does his work behind the scenes, for the good of the actors, actresses and students involved.

Jonathan R. Principal, Buckley School, New York City

He Gave Us The Vision

Due to his presence and his professionalism, he gave us the vision to take our program to the next level not only through his drama coaching but also in his expert reevaluation of our stage and theater needs.

Jonathan R. Principal, Buckley School, New York City

Singing Delivery

It Was The First Time I Laughed Like That

Thank you so much... really - we're STILL talking about that.(singing telegram) I forget if I mentioned it to you at all but right before you came in the room, they had sent in a holistic nurse to see me. He does Reiki (which I knew nothing about before this hospital visit!) and he was talking with me about positive energy and intuition.

I was telling him how scared I was that some of the doctors didn't seem to believe just how much pain I've been in and he was saying I just needed to focus my energy on healing and on positive, happy things...that if I focus hard enough, they will happen. About 30 seconds later, my fiancé came in the room and said "You're not going to believe what's about to happen." because the nurse had told him you were a singing telegram headed my way.

And seriously..15 seconds later there you were with your guitar singing the lyrics "I saw her face, now I'm a believer". Is that crazy or what?! The holistic guy heard you singing in the hallway and he said he just burst out laughing because of how ironic the whole thing was! I had goosebumps! I just had to tell you that  It was amazing. You really have a gift and your energy was so contagious, it was the first time I laughed like that all month. I can't thank you enough for that!

Kyli W. Asheville, NC

Singing Telegram Sensation!!! (5 stars)

Eric you were Epic!! I've watched the video a hundred times and cannot stop laughing!

To the readers: I hired Eric to create a unique singing telegram for my daughter's 21st birthday and deliver it to her within a 15 minute "window of opportunity" at her college cafeteria. I gave Eric a short list of my daughter's interests, activities, and "embarrassing moments" for him to exploit - all in clean fun - and allowed him and his creativity to run with it. On the big day, Eric arrived ahead of time and fully prepared. In costume, carrying balloons and guitar, and unaffected by a cafeteria full of my daughter's peers, golf teammates, college staff, professors and even the President of the College ... Eric delivered flawlessly ... engaging friends and onlookers to clap and sing along. My daughter's red-faced expressions of shock and horror while desperately trying to maintain some semblance of composure during "her telegram" were proof positive of a well pulled off prank! She will NEVER forget that day!!

About Eric: He was always friendly and easy to communicate with during the planning stage. He was easily accessible by phone, text, or email. He always listened well to my wishes and responded quickly to all my questions.
When all was "sung and done" - I could not have asked for a better experience from start to finish! Thank You, Triple E! 😉 

Linda B. Orange County, CA

The Sword Fight With 4 Preschoolers Was So Entertaining!

Awesome performance as Red Ranger! We hired Eric for our son’s 4th birthday party. He was fabulous and the sword fight with 4 preschoolers was so entertaining! It made me tired just watching! Thanks for your quick responses in planning and execution as well! Best birthday party ever!

Catherine S. Asheville, NC



Just a note to say you were WONDERFUL Friday night, and helped make Katie’s (17th birthday) party such a big success. Thank you SO very much.

Just to let you know that the video arrived on Christmas Eve, so I was able to wrap it and put it under the tree for Katie. And she was THRILLED when she opened it up on Christmas morning. So, again, thank you VERY, very much for all your help.

Jody V. Greenwich, CT

Your Video Was Better Than We Even Hoped It Would Be!

Thanks, Eric, your video of Ava’s party was better than we even hoped it would be! It was so easy to work with you, and you brought such a friendly and upbeat vibe to the party.

Your confidence in bringing 25 little kids into some kind of order and then persuading them with patience and humor to make a story — that really helped me to relax and enjoy my daughter’s birthday. When we looked back at the DVD I realized what an awesome time they were having. I’ll recommend you to my friends!

Robin N. Waccabuc, NY

Thanks For Putting Your Heart Into It

Looked at the DVD and think it’s lovely!!!! …I really love the way you put it together and would love to order 20 copies. Thanks for putting your heart into it, really makes a difference.

Kane C. CT

Everything Was Great

Everything was great, the video was great also. It was very well received by everyone and I know that we are getting many people that are wanting to help the center and come down for a visit. I will be in touch with you about working together in the future.

William H. Southside Community Center, Asheville, NC

We LOVE The Movie

I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. Amelia and all of her friends had a wonderful time. Your rapport and order with the girls was amazing. We can’t wait to see the movie!

(2 weeks later)

We LOVE the movie. It is such a wonderful memory of Amelia’s 8th birthday. I can’t tell you how excited the expressions of all their little faces were when I handed them the movie. They couldn’t wait to go home and watch. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from all of the families. They love knowing and watching exactly what we did at the party. Amelia loves her movie and watches it all the time. Thanks again for organizing such a great party and providing us with a movie that captures the creative spirit of our girl. You certainly exceeded my expectations!

Lisa D. Trumbull, CT


Impressive to Watch

It is impressive to watch his work come to fruition in the hands of youthful, enthusiastic amateurs, especially in work with sound and lighting, where he is particularly adept.

Cary F. Drama Dept Head, Rye Country Day School

Eric Has an Eye For Putting The Right Lighting

 I would highly recommend Zowie Entertainment. I have used them for several events for many years. Eric has an eye for putting the right lighting up for your event. As an MC Eric is the best. Courteous, professional and fun. We will be using Zowie Entertainment at our next event.

Katherine B. The Marriage Vine Formal Wear, Asheville, NC

Decoration and Set Design

You Pulled Us Through

Thanks for the great job you did for us for the Greenleaf Dance. It was a trying night… but you pulled us through and the kids had a great time.

Sherry T. Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT

The Set Looks Great

Thank you so much for your help.  The set looks great, esp. hydrant and lamppost!!!!!!!!!!

Beth H. Carolina Day School, Asheville, NC

Working With Eric Was A Dream!

Working with Eric was a dream! We met a few weeks before the event and walked through each room and talked through the vision, then he went back through and took measurements. He stayed in touch with me along the way, checking in to see which fabrics I liked and so on. I felt very much a part of the creative process.

The set up went smoothly and the night of the event…amazing! Everything came together exactly as I had envisioned. I could not have been more pleased. Eric was fun and professional and was able to work within my budget. I can’t wait to work with him again and again!

Megan S. Catering & Banquet Mgr. at The Cliffs, Landrum, SC

That Gym Is Tough to Decorate and You Did A Great Job.

Thanks SOO much for all your help. I think the dance was a great success and I totally appreciate all your help. That gym is tough to decorate and you did a great job.

Janet Z. Greenwich Academy, CT

The Set Is Working Great!

The set is working great! Thanks again for everything… we really enjoy working with you…

Tim N. Director, Fringe Festival, New York City