Safer Wedding Entertainment

Group Dancing is Dangerous In a time when the need for wearing masks and social distancing makes group dancing dangerous, especially for the the medically [...]

Entertainment Kits for Fun Games at Home

Mystery Games,  Trivia Game Shows and  Scavenger Hunts are all available as Zowie Entertainment Kits that you can play at home, a party or anywhere [...]

Scavenger Hunt Kits for Kids

The Zowie Scavenger Hunt Kit is a great activity for everyone to enjoy some interactive fun indoors or out! These games are oriented to the age [...]

Try a Mystery Game at Your Next Event!

This Mystery game is called a Mystereee! The fun is different than other mysteries you may have been to since it can be custom-written for [...]

Kids Mysteries / Spy Party

What could be more fun than solving a mystery? Being PART of one! The fun of my Mystereee is that you get to BE [...]

Mystery Game

What could be more fun than solving a mystery? Dressing up and being PART of one! Become a character IN a mystery game - [...]