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Backdrops and Promotional Displays

Once upon a time, before advertising displays, before TV, in the Dark Ages, they had beautiful tapestries to liven up those old castle walls. Now we have white walls, and though they may be brighter, it’s just as boring. Why not liven up your next event with some custom-created art on a grand scale, a backdrop of anything you can imagine.

If you need help in that department, I can certainly give you some ideas to ponder. I’d sure appreciate someone else to take them out of my head for a while :)

A backdrop can be of something familiar, like a forest or something exotic or fantasy, like on another planet. It can be abstract, like a giant modern painting, or a thematic setting like a tropical beach. It is a centerpiece to establish the theme of a party or simply something nicer than white walls to look at. It can be in smaller pieces as well, hung as thinner banners around the room or even draped from the ceiling making a giant carousel effect.

Nativity scene

What’s that in the window?

When you take the same idea and put it into a store window or promotional display, you achieve the same effect of taking you out of the ordinary. What you then put in front of the background is WIDE open. Yes, you have something to present to the observer, but HOW you do that is where you can be set apart. There are many ways to do this while still creating conventional and appealing display pieces and arranging them in a new way. With new advances in lighting technology, you can do even more.

It may be a shoe, but what is holding up that shoe and how it is lit up can say all kinds of things about the shoe and the person who should want it. It doesn’t have to be an object at all, but an idea can come across through what you create in your window about the people who own the product on display.

I would love to talk to you about all the possibilities!

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