Animal Party

The New York Times calls Animal Party “A Musical Link To Ecology For Children” but kids just call it fun! It is an Earth Rockin’ Adventure CD, a video show, and a musical play performed around the world. Great kids birthday party show, as well as at schools, camps, libraries, malls, and other events!

The Animal Party musical or play can be performed as a classroom size or involve entire grade(s) with a great animal chorus! There is a CD with background music tracks or you can have me there to perform and / or direct as well.

Animal party

As “Triple E” I perform an interactive musical story on my guitar where kids get to use their imagination to become animals! The adventure takes us around the world on the back of a whale. We stop off in different countries to swing in the jungle, dance on some icebergs, gallop across Africa, and ride Bigfoot’s snowboard! There’s even a few songs everybody knows!

Learn more about the musical play, listen to songs, and view videos at

You can also include face painting, balloon animals, and many types of games in your party!

For the Party I perform a condensed version of the show that also includes great activities like the Jungle Limbo and River Jump.

The Music Video and Animal Party Show DVDs are entertaining ways for kids to learn about the environment issues that face our world. Along with the CD, they all make great party gifts!

All profits from the Animal Party CD are donated to environmental education programs.