Eric Everett wearing white shirt and tie holding guitar
Eric holding Zowie Bucks wearing 1960s colorful shirt

Meet Eric Everett

I’m Eric Everett and Zowie Entertainment is pretty much me. Having been involved in entertainment and education in the New York City area since the late ’80s, I made the move to Asheville, NC, and took Zowie Entertainment along with me.

I formed this company in 1994 to create and distribute my music CDs. I named it after Zowie, the family cat. Whether performing with my band or going solo acoustically, I entertained audiences ranging from 10 to 10,000 along the East Coast.

With the success of my kids’ show “Animal Party” in 1999, I turned my attention to bringing fun to audiences through online and event entertainment.

Now based in Asheville, NC, I continue to record music while engaging audiences in various formats through Zowie Entertainment. I look forward to creating enjoyable experiences with you soon!

Zowie Entertainment Experience


Fortified with 20+ years of teaching experience in Grades K-12 and even more working in Arts and Entertainment, I have ooodles of experience. I’m told being from Wisconsin gives me a basis for trustworthiness and integrity too :). I guess that means I stand by my work and will always give you a good show!


Rest easy knowing I am fully insured, eliminating any concerns about unforeseen circumstances. My proactive approach of going through event details has even prevented potential problems, offering you peace of mind throughout the event.


From working with many entertainers, technicians and entertainment companies, I have a large network to draw upon for the needs of larger events to bring together just about anything you need.

Event consulting

From initial planning and creative ideas to executing the BEST EVENT setup, I am here to assist you at every stage. Whether it’s ensuring age-appropriate entertainment or paying attention to technical AND LOGISTICAL details, I consider every aspect. No matter the size of the event, I understand that details matter, and you can trust me to handle them with precision and care.