Trivia Game Show

Trivia $ Trivia!

Presenting a NEW kind of trivia game show ….. with a twist! Which is CUSTOM-WRITTEN questions for you! Combine a mix of MUSIC, INTERACTIVE CONTESTS, and fake $$$ to bet on the answers to just about anything.
It all starts with a game called “Triple $ Trivia!” in which teams compete in a game that is like a cross between Jeopardy and Name That Tune. Questions can be customized for a guest of honor (see below), company products, event theme, age group, story, etc. Teams bet on their answers with Zowie Bucks.
There are optional interactive mini-competitions between teams during the game to get people moving as well. I can send details on the many types available and talk with you about what may be best suited for your group.
The game lasts about 90 minutes with a 10 minute intermission (or can be a customized length) and can include a 60″ or 120” projection screen for game play with fun images and sound system with music soundtrack to keep up a fun pace, and of course your host & MC, me 🙂
OR, YOU CAN BE the GAME SHOW HOST! I can send you a kit with all you need to host the game for your event including any phone / email support if you should want it. It still includes the possibility to have the game custom-written for your group!

Custom Variations:

A great variation for events with a guest(s) of honor is making the questions and images all about their life or the times they lived in! I call it “This Is Your Trivial Life!” The ultimate way to poke fun at someone for their birthday, wedding or company event without the long-winded speeches.
It’s also a great way to create a launch for a company product or service. I can custom-write product details into questions so that it makes this into a fun, participatory event! You can have it designed for training your employees on new skills or sharing information of all kinds. Contact me today to see how this game can work for you!